Wednesday, May 2, 2007

What will you do for them now

This article appeared in the GLMV Chamber of Commerce Action News for February, 2007

In my first column, I want to thank the GLMV Board of Directors for electing me Chairman. I can't do the job without the support of the Board, the staff and the membership.

Several years ago, I attended a Kenny Rogers concert. After the concert, Kenny Rogers graciously signed autographs for a crowd in the lobby. Next to me, a 9 year old boy asked his father who that person was, signing autographs. The father replied, "It's Kenny Rogers." The boy then said, "Who's Kenny Rogers?" Obviously, the boy didn't know Kenny Rogers from Mr. Rogers.

The point here is that no matter how important or prominent one thinks they are, there are many people out there who have not gotten the message. In your business, you need to keep your name in front of the public, so they know you're still in business. The public doesn't care what you did years ago, they want to know what you're going to do for them now.

An excellent way to keep your business's image in the public eye is to get active in the Chamber of Commerce. Start today! Attend the mixers, the luncheons, the Home Improvement Show, etc. and let people know you're in business. You pay a lot of money to join the Chamber--you want to get a return on your investment. Let the Chamber work for you.




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