Monday, August 13, 2007


This article appeared in the GLMV Chamber of Commerce ACTION NEWS, (Chairman's Report) for August, 2007. (WWW.GLMVCHAMBER.ORG)

People who know Dianne and me know that we like to travel quite a bit. A couple of years ago, I joined the Extra Miler Club (, a nationwide group whose goal is to travel to each of the 3141 counties in the U.S. Some are very difficult to reach. For example, you can't exactly drive to Aleutians West County in Alaska; you don't want to drive to Keweenaw County in Michigan in the Winter; and Texas has 254 counties, many of which are not anywhere near a major road. You can drive from Haines to Skagway, Alaska. It is more than 300 miles, although it is only 8 miles by boat.

I've traveled to approximately 760 counties in all 50 states, plus most of the Canadian provinces. I haven't been to Nunavut yet, in the Canadian Arctic, which has no roads. I think Dianne would say no to that one. One would have to fly there, to Iqualuit, which used to be called Frobisher Bay. Needless to say there is no Hilton or Marriott there.

Wherever we travel, we stop at the local Chamber of Commerce to find out the best restaurants and the local attractions. At the Alamogordo, NM Chamber, for example, the people directed us to a wonderful restaurant in Cloudcroft, NM, (the Cloudcroft Inn) which was 9000 feet up in the mountains in which we drove through a snowstorm to get there. It was worth it however. This past March, we visited the Barstow, CA. Chamber before dinner. The Chambers of Commerce in El Paso, TX and San Diego CA. helped us to find the respective bus trips into Mexico. We visited the attractions in Astoria, OR., last summer after obtaining information at the Chamber. Last year, the Chamber in Crescent City, CA. directed us to an exhibit about the tsunami, which leveled the town in 1964. The Chamber in Peshtigo, WI. told us about their great fire of October 9, 1871, the most destructive in history, they say. (Chicago had a fire that day, too, but that's another story.)

The point here is that the Chamber of Commerce is the voice of business in every community. It is supported by you, the business community. People who are new in town come to the Chamber to obtain information about the area. The GLMV Chamber has magazines, like the Community Guide and the area map, which are supported by the business community. If you belong to the Chamber, you have visibility in the community and people will seek you out to do business with you. Please support the GLMV Chamber by attending or helping out in the events.




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